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VW Thing Lights on a CJ?

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Since the nose came out so nice I upgraded the lights. The fronts were easy since the markers were right there


The original taillight wiring was routed to a 6 pole trailer connector. There’s a brake controller under the dash too just in case.

I ran all new wires from the dash for the seperate brake and signal bulbs so they work as expected

It nice the always see two brake lights even when signaling


Not a bad look and they were on sale at CIP1

Jeep Nose Job

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I was walking down the isle at the Rhinebeck swap meet when I saw this old Jeepster nose. I thought it would look great on my CJ-7


I was amazed it fit in my trunk and left plenty of room for more stuff

The first thing was to chop it up.


Then I took the center piece and test fit it on the jeep but I had to cut a full vertical rail from each side


Not bad but a little odd looking with the edges cut flush so I took the end pieces I trimmed off and cut off the tips then welded them to the center piece making a nicely shaped edge

I cut the top off and welded it back upside down to make a nice peak instead of the rounded indentation


Almost perfect. A little body filler to finish the slope but not too much sanding. I love the weathered rough look


I love my jeep……

I think my Car is Posessed

Friday, April 8th, 2011

So, I start the car to warm it up and let the snow melt off and what do I see when I look out my window?

img298.jpg  img297.jpg


The haziness is the window screen and NO, I didn’t photoshop or touch this up at all


It’s Just Plain EVIL